GMDK is a publisher of tabletop role-playing games. With a focus on LGBTQ, POC, and other marginalized creators, our goal is to create and promote work that challenges the RPG mainstream.

The project grew out of a Discord server set up by Mabel Harper for the purpose of gathering nonbinary and trans game designers together. In February 2019, GMDK’s first book was revealed: The Demon Collective, Vol. 1, a collection of four system-neutral horror adventures written, edited, and illustrated by residents of that same server.

Since then, GMDK has expanded its scope to include indie and narrative games. We’ve got quite a few projects in the works at any given time, so check back frequently to see what’s coming up!

Inclusivity and Accessibility

RPGs are a storytelling medium, and for far too long the stories told have been those of white, straight, cis men. By actively seeking out other voices to tell their stories, it’s our hope that our games and the greater RPG community can become more inclusive to those whose experiences lie outside of this established norm.

As well, GMDK is firmly committed to ensuring our products adhere to the highest levels of accessibility. All of our books are PDF/UA compliant for use with text-to-speech and other assistive technology. We regularly consult with visually-impaired, physically impaired, and neurodivergent gamers to better improve our games and allow them to be played by anyone.

Read more about PDF/UA and the process that goes into making our games PDF/UA compliant here.

Featured Contributors

David Shugars (he/him)

The Demon Collective, Vol. 1, LaMía, Libreté

David manages GMDK in between various writing, editing, design, and freelance jobs. He also does all the social media and promotion whenever he remembers how. Unless otherwise noted, everything written and posted here or elsewhere on behalf of GMDK was written by him.

Fiona Geist (she/her)

The Demon Collective, Vol. 1, Libreté

Fiona is the primary editor and an all-around creative wunderkind. She’s got her own adventure, The Labyrinth of Haunted Memory, in the works as well.

Camilla Greer (she/her)

The Demon Collective, Vol. 1

Camilla Greer is a game store worker and child educator in Washington, DC. She loves RPGs for the opportunity to celebrate the expression, imagination, and enthusiasm of friends and strangers alike. Elegant and transparent mechanics, weird magic, and horrifying monsters regularly excite her at the table.

Mabel Harper (she/her)

The Demon Collective, Vol. 1

Mabel Harper is a musician, graphic designer, and occasional game designer who likes naked vampires, black magic, and dick snakes. Also sometimes she writes fiction and does porn.

Comrade Pollux (any/all)

The Demon Collective, Vol. 1

Comrade Pollux has given up a life of writing funding proposals to live in a van, play D&D, and give cops the finger. Remember, communism will win.

Vivien Féasson (he/him)


Vivien Féasson is a French indie game designer, and a translator, and a teacher, and an academic, and a father, and… Like many, he’s gone through several phases and is now trying as much as he can to combine his storygame drives with his old school premiers amours and his will to give players around the table as much agency as possible.

Lauren Bryce (she/her)

The Demon Collective, Vol. 1, Libreté

Lauren Bryce is an Illustrator living in Waikato, New Zealand. Loves animals, scared of modern technology. Specializes in pen & ink drawings with heavy focus on negative space.

Odysseus Jones (he/him)

The Demon Collective, Vol. 1

Odysseus Jones is a part time writer and artist and a full time epic-level bullshitter.